Since its invention in the 17th century, piano has been the go-to instrument for generations of musicians. Despite its long history, the craft of playing piano is ever evolving. Here at Music Universe, we combine the conventional methods of learning and playing piano with modern music for you to become an all-round pianist, proficient in all styles of music you enjoy, ranging from classical, pop, jazz to rock and even more!

Guitar & Ukulele

Music Universe provides classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and ukulele lessons at your home. Our teachers are comfortable teaching all styles of music, including classical, pop, jazz, blues, and more. Whether you are just starting, preparing for exams, an intermediate self taught player looking to further your skills, or would just like to get reacquainted with your guitar, we make it easy and with lots of fun to achieve your goals quickly.


Our string teachers bring over 10 years of professional performance and teaching experience to your lessons. Their education includes Degrees in Music from renowned conservatoires, specializing in the individual methods and disciplines of Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. With their profound experience, they have developed a style of teaching that is aimed to get the best out of every student.


We feature lessons in Saxophone (all ranges), clarinet, flute, french horn, bassoon, and oboe. Beginner students can expect to work on correct technique as well as fingerings and embouchure (correctly using the lips, facial muscles, tongue, and teeth in playing a wind instrument). They will also work on reading notes, rhythm, dynamics, and music theory while getting the best possible sound from their instrument. Intermediate to advanced students will learn techniques that will help take their playing to the next level, while enjoying pieces in a variety of genres.


Our brass lessons curriculum focuses on your unique interests, whether it’s classical or jazz. Each student creates a customized educational plan with their instructor to focus on the music they love and achieve their uniquely desired goals. Our customized curriculum is designed to utilize the music and styles you love to teach the foundations of musical technique and theory. Our goal is to keep things engaging and fun without sacrificing the development of a solid, musical foundation.


The human voice is the most natural musical instrument every one possesses, a gift to us when we were born. Through our training one learns to skillful utilize the voice, sing in an accurate pitch, develop a sense of music and rhythm, and enhance pronunciation and sense of language.

Our voice teachers have more than 8 years experience performing as soloists or choir members in venues and opera houses around the world. They are well-trained in different genres, both classical and contemporary, and willing to guide you through the journey, from singing pop songs to opera music, from maintaining voice health to vocal projection.

The ABRSM “Singing for Musical Theatre” is a vibrant and energetic contemporary exams for musical theatre lovers. Its syllabus includes songs from different styles and dramatic context. Taking the exam is a good opportunity for drama or singing lovers to practice their skills and get a well-recognized proof of their achievement.




Music Theory

An understanding of music theory is a crucial skill for any musician to have. It enables us to understand how music is composed and helps us bring out the best in our performances on our instruments. It is a tool that helps composers and performers flourish. It is the foundation upon which music can be constructed. While it is certainly possible to write and perform fantastic music without a formal music education, a musician who takes the time to learn and gain a better understanding of the theoretical aspects of the subject will always be rewarded.

Toddler Music Exploration

Our teachers are amazingly talented musicians who are warm and friendly and enjoy teaching students of all ages and levels. Toddlers going to pre-schools or kindergartens can get a jump start over the summer, while kids too young for school could start with simple music listening and sing-along sessions, developing their interest and ear for music early on.

Xylophone and rainbow bells are musical instruments commonly used in toddler class. They are easy to play and able to produce sounds in different pitches, which can train toddlers to recognize different sounds and the concept of scale. Toddlers learn well through imitation, they can follow teachers' actions and gestures to play the instruments and from the process learn the concept of rhythm. These are fundamental yet vital concepts for further learning.

Our vocal teachers are experts in all musical genres. With toddlers they will carefully select interesting and attractive songs to start with. Accompanied by piano, kids acquire at the same time musical sense, musical knowledge, language sense and correct articulation. It will be significant help in their future study.


The guzheng, a traditional Chinese plucked-string instrument, has captivated audiences for over 2,500 years.

At Music Universe, our experienced instructors offer comprehensive lessons that honor the instrument's rich heritage while embracing contemporary expressions. Learn proper techniques, posture, and explore a diverse repertoire encompassing classical, folk, and contemporary genres. Join us to unleash your artistic potential and embark on a melodic journey with the guzheng.

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