Class Arrangement

A: Yes, there can be more than one student in the same session. Our teaching schedule is highly flexible. Parents can tailor-made the most suitable time allocation for kids. Discussion with our teacher for the section-time allocation is very welcome.

A: If you have a change in schedule, please feel free to contact our staff through WhatsApp or Call at 5138 2000 anytime at your convenience. Our staff will rearrange lesson for you. If you want to realize the change the very same day of the class, please contact us as soon as possible for our prompt communication with Teachers.

A: We aim to prioritize flexibility for our students and parents, even on public holidays. Appointments can be requested with a minimum notice of two days in advance. Please reach out to us with your preferred time and date, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

A: Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above: All lessons scheduled within 2 hours before the issue of the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 will be cancelled. If the Signal is lowered less than 2 hours before the start of the lesson, it will remain cancelled. Please contact our staff for class rearrangement.

Black Rainstorm Warning Signal: All lessons scheduled 2 hours before the issue of the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal will be cancelled. If the Signal is lowered less than 2 hours before the start of the lesson, it will remain cancelled. Please contact our staff for class rearrangement.

A: Yes, flexible irregular class arrangement is possible under mutual agreement with Teachers.

A: If this situation occurs, please contact our staff via WhatsApp or Call at 5136 2000 / 5138 2000. You will not be charged the class fee in this situation.

Sure! For oversea students we will arrange remote online class. No additional fee will be charged. A number of our students are attending classes this way and the outcome is very ideal. 

The duration and frequency of music lessons can vary based on your preferences and availability. Typically, lessons are scheduled once a week and range from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the student’s age and level of advancement.

Class Content

A: No worries. You may borrow instrument from us at the beginning. You may also purchase an instrument through our staff.

A: Our lesson plan is highly individualized and flexible. It is up to the student to choose from an exam-focused syllabus, or an interest-oriented teaching plan.

A: Since each course is tailor-made for individual students, we do not have a general course outline for reference. Please communicate with the teacher for the specific teaching plan of your little ones.

A: Whether a course book is needed depends on the teaching progress. Our teacher will buy one for the student if it is needed. The fee will be charged together with the tuition fee at the end of the month.

A: Yes, it is possible to combine them into one session. Their relative portion may refer to the opinion of our professional teachers.

Not at all. Our professional teaching faculty adopts a unique teaching method which can strike balance between different aspects of music learning. The different knowledge will aid in the learning of one another, achieving an effective and comprehensive practice. 

A: We teach music theory according to the musical background of our student. No matter you are an absolute beginner of music, or you already have some knowledge on music theory, our professional teaching team can design a teaching plan which most suits your pace.

A: We do not just emphasize merely on the technique of playing an instrument. Our vision is to develop children’s interest in music in a broad sense. Our professional teaching team is capable in introducing and teaching different genres of music to students. They are also familiar with the history and periods of music.

A: Please contact our staff if you are interested in learning an instrument. We will send you the biography of the teachers we recommend to you.

Sure! Our experienced teaching team can flexibly and effectively analyse the progress of each child and plan for the right teaching contents accordingly.

For 3-year-old toddlers, learning with a vocal teacher has many benefits. First of all, it can tune their ears to be more sensitive to pitches and rhythms. Second, they can develop a sense of language, learn vocabulary and fine-tune their articulation through reading lyrics. Third, they will become more confident when they learn to sing in front of an audience.


Other instruments which are relatively simple and easy to master, like Xylophone and Rainbow Bells, are also commonly used  when teaching toddlers. They learn to recognize pitches and rhythm with these instruments, as well as learning to imitate the actions of teachers. 

Please contact us at this number (+852 5138 2000) if you have any scheduling changes. We will contact the teacher as soon as possible and arrange a make-up lesson or postponement of the lesson according to your availability.

About Our Teachers

A: Our teachers hold various qualifications, including degrees in music, certifications in music education, and extensive teaching experience. We ensure that our teachers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective instruments or areas of expertise.

A: Yes, our teachers create personalized lesson plans tailored to each student’s goals, skill level, and musical interests. They take into account the student’s strengths and areas for improvement to ensure effective and engaging lessons.

A: Yes, our teachers provide regular feedback and track the progress of each student. They offer constructive criticism, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate achievements to ensure continuous growth and development.

Music Examination

A: Our professional team of teacher are all capable in forging a solid foundation for students. Alongside the technical part of playing an instrument, they will also train up students comprehensively through side reading, aural training and music theory. Together with a focused training on the exam syllabus, a promising passing rate of 100% is guaranteed, among them 96% passed with Distinction or Merit.

A: It depends on which examination grade students are applying to. Processing fee will be charged.

A: Our well-experienced staff will visit your home for the set up of the examination. Any technical support will also be provided. No worries.

We can provide you with a well-equipped recording venue, complete with professional video recording and audio facilities. During the recording, our colleagues will be present to assist with setup, ensuring that you receive comprehensive recording services.

Online registration and enrollment, as well as checking grades and sending out transcripts are all included in our services.

The time required to record a song varies depending on various factors such as the complexity of the song, number of instruments, and the level of preparation. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to optimize the recording process and provide an estimated timeline based on your specific project.


A: Throughout the year we will provide several performance opportunities for kids. Our staff will send you invitation when there is an upcoming event. 

A: From time to time we will evaluate the progress of  students. When students are ready to join the performance, and more importantly when they are willing to, our teachers will help to apply for it.

A: Sure. Our Teachers are glad to prepare students to showcase their talent on the stage. They will help them to practice for the performance pieces and teach them stage manner.

A: You are flexible to choose whether to join the performance or not. It is not compulsory. Students are encouraged to participate in it, since it is a precious opportunity to train them to overcome stage fright, learn stage manner, practice stagecraft and share their talent with others.

A: It varies. Depending on the performance venue entrance fee may be charged to compensate for the reservation fee. 

A: Upon special request we can provide you the performance video of your little one. 

Music Competition

A: Yes. We help students register for any public music competitions. We will handle the whole procedure and notify you for the result. Processing fee will be charged.

A: Sure. Our Teachers are all willing to help students to prepare for a competition. They will guide them through the performance pieces and remind them for the techniques of any specific pieces. They will also teach them stage manner and how they can overcome stage fright more easily.

A: Of course! We’d love to help you get better at the competition. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange more time to practice with your teacher.


A: If you are interested in learning an instrument, please contact our staff via WhatsApp or Call at 5136 2000 / 5138 2000. They will send you the latest price list for our classes.

A: At the moment we accept only bank transfer, HSBC Payme or FPS for payment. Our staff will send you an invoice and payment methods at the second week of the following month.

A: It is possible that long-term package be purchased upon specific arrangement. Please contact our staff via WhatsApp or Call at 5136 2000 / 5138 2000 for more details.

A: There is no stress and no rush on settling the payment. Any time at your convenient is totally fine.

A: In this situation, only half the price of the course will be charged.

A: No. The travelling fee is already included in the tuition fee shown on the price list, no extra fee will be charged.

A: Yes. The price for different instrument class is the same. Please contact our staff via WhatsApp or Call at 5136 2000 / 5138 2000 for more class details.

A: There is a 15% discount for the trial lesson. Our profession teaching team is formed by members with highly professional qualification. All of them has a wealth of teaching and performance experience. Their market price is standard. To guarantee a good team spirit and teaching quality, we do not offer discount for our classes.


A: We mainly offer home-visiting instrumental class. It is our belief that effective learning is achieved in a familiar and convenient environment. It saves you the transportation time and cost, meanwhile our classes will fit in your busy schedule. 


If you live in the southern district, you are welcome to have music lessons in our studio located in Wong Chuk Hang.


If you have applied for ABRSM exams, you may reserve our newly renovated studio for a private and decent place to do the recording.

A: Sure. Our professional teacher will visit the warehouse themselves. There they will examine the instrument for your little one to ensure the best quality and condition.

No additional fee will be charged for our delivery service. Alongside musical instruments, for instrument parts, books and music scores one can also request our delivery service. 

Each member of our teaching team has been chosen for their exceptional qualifications and dedication to providing top-quality music education. When it comes to finding the right teacher for your child, we understand the importance of a personalized approach.

That’s why we take the time to match your child with the most suitable teacher based on their specific needs and unique personality traits.

You are welcome to bring guests or your band to the studio during your session. However, please inform us in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements and ensure a comfortable and productive environment for everyone involved.

Yes, our music lessons are open to both children and adults. We have specific programs designed for adult learners who are interested in learning a new instrument or improving their musical skills.

Covid-19 Arrangement

With reference to the latest Covid-19 situation, to protect the well-being of students, we will issue the following regulations to our staff:


1). Our teachers should wash hands immediately after arrival.


2). Our teachers will wear a mask throughout the class.


Apart from the above precautions, all Teachers are fully vaccinated. They are all cautious and avoid high-risk premises. 

We can flexibly arrange Zoom online class for students. All Teachers are experienced in online teaching. We will also provide instant technical support.

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