Why your kids should be learning music right now

Why your kids should be learning music right now

It does not matter whether you are listening to music, playing an instrument or trying to write the next biggest hit, music is fun. It has been an essential part of our life since forever. If you have ever tried playing an instrument before, you will know that learning a musical instrument is not exactly an easy task. It puts our whole brain to the test and requires our whole attention. That is why we would want our kids to learn and instrument as soon as possible. 


Young musicians perform better in school

A scientist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Martin Guhn, had conducted a study on how students who play music in an orchestra or a school band differ from their fellow classmates who do not. They evaluated data from over 100,000 Canadian students and found out that the more a child makes music, the better their grades. It also depends on their frequency and intensity of playing music. Students who have been playing music for years are ahead of their classmates by a year on average. 


Speaking the language of music helps kids with other languages

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences started studying the connection between musical training and language skills in children more than ten years ago. Their research shows that music and speech are processed in the same brain regions. That means children who are proficient in music are more likely to be also proficient at language skills. 


Practicing music increases cognitive abilities and concentration

Musicians’ senses ranging from movement, hearing, touching, seeing to coordination are joint together when they are playing music. With the constant practices, music helps musicians to reinforce their brain muscles and enhance their mental agility. 


Learning an instrument trains patience & stamina

It may take some time before a child masters an instrument to some extent and plays their first small concerts. They practice diligently and joyfully, but sometimes discontentedly and perhaps want to give up. But if you encourage them carefully, they will stick to it and soon look back on their efforts as fruitful. That gives them a real feeling of happiness. 


Help them build up problem solving mentality

Starting from the moment a child picks up an instrument, they progress with overcoming hurdles one by one. As they progress further, they will need to overcome larger obstacles as with life. Learning and playing musical instruments acquaints them with the problem solving process and strengthens their mentality in dealing with problems independently. 


Preserve and heighten your kids’ imagination and creativity

The instrument opens a door to completely new worlds for your kids. It lets them try things, experiment, simply do something unknown and unprecedented. Maybe they will play familiar tunes with their own individual touch. Maybe they improvise and put the perfect tone in the perfect context and at the right moment. If you allow your youngsters to learn their favorite instrument, you’ll give them something they can live their inner life with for the rest of their lives. 


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