Unexpected Benefits Of Kids Learning Piano

Unexpected Benefits Of Kids Learning Piano

Piano, the first instrument that comes to almost every parent’s mind, when they try to enroll in the first instrumental class for their children. Needless to say, learning piano has countless advantages – the most obvious ones being easy maintenance and its significance in almost every music group. The former saves parents from hustles of sending the instrument to tuning very frequently while the latter allows children to have more performance opportunities, as choirs, orchestras and many other performing groups all require a piano. Yet, these are only the tip of an iceberg. Learning to play the piano benefits in every single aspect; some you hardly think of!


Strive for perfection on everything

Learning to play the piano is basically a process of creating perfection. Every note has to be meticulously performed with a seemingly casual, but in fact careful, move of a finger. A split second of delay is more than enough to destroy a performance, though the audience may not be able to tell. Therefore, after practicing the instruments for years, pianists tend to be perfectionists. Striving for perfection becomes their reflexes, not only their music journey, but every single aspect in life. 


Become an acquired optimist

There will be ups and downs in the journey of learning how to play the piano, regardless how much talent your children have. It could be a hitting-wall period where they get unprecedentedly frustrated, an embarrassing moment when they make a palpable mistake during a major performance, or in the worst-case scenario, their hands get injured. To cope with all these, and more, issues, not only do they have to stay calm and rational, and look for solutions, but they also need to be optimistic. The stark fact is, there are some problems that no one is capable of solving. All you can do is to explore another path, and this cannot be done when there is not a little optimism inside them, because that means they do not believe there is always a way-out, and that they will never look for one.


Outstanding mentality 

One minute on stage, ten years off stage. Until the day comes when they get to perform on stage, they must practice diligently and wholeheartedly hours after hours, let alone to become a successful pianist. During that endless period of time when th

eir music is unheard and effort is unseen or appreciated, they must hold fast to faith and endure the loneliness. This process trains the mentality of every pianist that they will be able to stand disregard which ought to exist before every future success.


They are always thinking out of the box

When playing a piece, the pianist always contemplates every single note and symbol in order to correctly and flawlessly convey the emotions to the audience – “how hard should I hit the keyboard for this forte?” or “how should I gradually play soft for this diminuendo?” Pianists are thinking out of the box all the time to ensure they have considered every possible way of playing each note and symbol to perform the best version of the piece. Oftentimes the best way of performing is not typical or how they are instructed, which means they ought to include the apparently unconventional ways when they map out all the possibilities.


It is a must-gain investment

Learning how to play the piano can progressively excel your children from inside out. They would have genteel behaviours and postures, with in-depth knowledge of music, and by its extension, history and philosophy. Setting their heart on merely one instrument, your children could already outshine the others in every way.

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